Stationery for Special Occasions How to Personalize Your Communications

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Many people find it odd when I say that stationery leaves a lasting impression in the minds of the people receiving them. It would not seem important to you until you actually receive a personal letter or invitation and consciously or unconsciously judge the person who sent it to by the quality and style of the material. As they say in the business world, presentation means everything.

Stationery used to be a symbol of status in the 19th century. Gentlemen and ladies of leisure had personal cards made with their contact information. You were usually judged by the quality of the material and in many cases the engraving or handmade calligraphy displayed on the cards. We've come a long way since then but even though e-mail and voicemail have eclipsed a personal note, it is even more important in this day and age to separate yourself by your choice of stationery.

Quality stationery isn't just for weddings, although there mainly known for that special occasion. Because you are judged solely on the presentation of the piece that is delivered to your intended party, it is important to them and makes the effort. Whether you're producing greeting cards for special occasions or thanking a new client for using your service, you want to be sure of the professionalism representing you.

If the material you're sending to someone appears shabby or "low rent" it reflects directly on you but if you're material looks professional, it elevates your status in the eyes of the receiver. Imagine if you received a wedding invitation in the mail and when you opened it up you found a ragged old napkin with the words "Yer invited to a weddin" scrawled across it.

Although it got your attention it didn't leave a very good impression of the sender. This is the value of creating the right look to elicit the appropriate feelings from your material. Professional stationary covers a lot of territory. Wedding invitations, business cards and letterhead's are just a few examples of the widespread uses of stationery material.

There are many more uses and applications for quality stationery depending on your intended purpose. The personalized card is one of a long list of items included in the personalized stationery category that dates back to the 18th century. They are still used today with inscriptions or notes. Other items such as note cards, postcards, name tags, place setting holders, invitations, and many other lesser-known items are all important to image building as well as maintenance and expansion of your reputation.

If you do not have a personal staff to handle these things for you, you can still get all the benefits of personal stationery by working out a follow-up program or a to-do list. It is very easy to overlook the value of personal stationery but now that you have a more in-depth understanding of its use I hope you'll take the time to explore creative ways to increase your business and personal value using quality stationery.

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