Stately Country Homes Make Ideal Wedding Venues

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Once you enter the planning stage of your wedding, among the very first things to be decided on is the venue. Of course for many people and you may be one of them, a church is tops on the list. It just doesn't get any more traditional than that and besides it's all set up to handle large numbers of guests with loads of seating.

Even so in recent years a new trend in weddings held at stately country homes has taken hold and once you check the benefits of such a venue its easy to see why. To start out with, believe it or not, you don't have to forgo a church wedding at select few of these country venues.

This is due to the fact that it is possible to secure stately country homes that actually have a private church on premises. Granted these types of venues are the exception but none the less, they can be had. Even so, try to keep in mind that these types of cozy private churches tend to be rather small, seating a limited number of people.

On the other hand, virtually every other aspect far outweighs what your local church has to offer. Expansive landscaping, massive dining facilities, full time professional service staff, huge kitchens, comfortable furnishings, stocked wine cellars, unlimited parking, not to mention of course a quaint rural setting.

Convenience is yet one more consideration that can't be ignored. When you conduct your wedding ceremony at a stately country home, your reception is only steps away for you and your guests. This of course means no driving and resulting break in the celebratory mood and atmosphere. The party starts immediately!

Your best bet is to select a country home that has a one event per weekend limit. What this allows you is a full day before hand to set up and make sure that everything is as it should be. This of course means no rush and plenty of time for your photographer to scout out and set up optimal photo shots.

Also if you have any privacy or security concerns, an isolated venue down a long driveway such is this, away from neighbors and any other unwanted prying eyes is by far your best option. Of course with the seclusion comes the option of outdoors musical entertainment that you so often can't have in town.

What most people are surprised to discover, is that the cost of conducting a wedding and reception at a stately country home venue is not much more than in town, if it is more. It's one venue instead of two and more often than not, a good many of the services such as catering are provided on site. Also with so many venues of this type now available to choose from, securing one to fit your budget is no problem.

Chris Tyrrell writes for Prestwold Hall who offer a fantastic stately home setting for couples looking to get married in the Midlands. Wedding venue Nottinghamshire

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