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Education is a necessity recognized by the rulers of nations from a long time back. Those who did not give it credit were not rulers actually but individuals who feasted on ignorance of their own people. In present day scenario, India news has captured the widespread illiteracy among underprivileged citizens of the country. The illiteracy we are talking about is mostly a consequence of poverty compelling people to conjure various reasons to stay away from schools.

The poverty left by British Raj still has glimpses in places that are far away from urban and semi-urban civilization of which we are a part. Along with it, there is poverty enforced by modernization that also is something to worry about. Migration of people from villages and towns to Cities is a concern that keeps coming from time to time in State News India. The trend has its impact as increased poverty, crisis of resources in cities and a rift between slum and Apartments. Who would have thought that slums of Mumbai and Delhi can make International News Headlines and draw people from all over the world to capture a photo of it?

Why stay away from Education
We have several moments of proud when Indians raise our flag on occasions of international importance making to International News Headlines. Government aims to make it like a revolution so that everybody can feel himself as a part of it. Education is one way to that revolution and awakening. Government has started various programs to provoke rural and underprivileged people in to initiatives for educating their kids keeping in view the development we as Indians are trying to achieve.

Young scientists, people of academia, sports, business, entertainment, literature and various other fields have made their mark on the world. People know us and have started respecting our talents. We are no more from the “land of snake charmers” for them. Steady growth and development as reported in State News India and India News has lot more for our encouragement.

To Know More
Education is not something we get after mugging up books and then holding a degree in our hands. It is a medium to form a positive mindset and optimistic outlook of growth. Keeping Indians update about cues of this optimism is the job of India News and State News India. We hope that everybody does its job perfectly so that International news headlines are nothing but India and its achievements.

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