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A full-blown Broadway musical is one thing. But a full-blown Broadway musical without stage props, just the actors and the actresses themselves, singing and dancing on stage, that's something else. The idea of a stage play without any stage prop is crazy. It simply won't work—that is, unless you're a genius director.

A stage props is what gives the stage its dimensions. A stage prop is either a hand prop or a set decoration. Sometimes it is labeled one or the other depending on its size: if it's small enough to carry around then it is a hand prop, anything bigger becomes a set decoration. But anyone who's ever worked on a stage play before will tell that labeling stage props isn't always as easy as putting two and two together. Sometimes it depends on utility, too.

Some directors choose to label a prop a hand prop if the object was in any way held by an actor or an actress during the performance. But if the object wasn't moved on stage, it is simply called a set decoration. This method draws the line more clearly between hand props and set decorations. You got a better idea?

Even costumes are a matter of debate. On this one, an item or an object may be categorized as hand prop or costume depending on whether it was held or worn by the actor, respectively. Hats and jewelries are hand props if they are held and never worn by the actors during the performance.

This guideline should make it easier for the director and the costume designer to label which object is which.

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