Stage props design led to career in acting

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Designing theatre sets and stage props as a stage manager is not usually considered the traditional way of becoming a successful actress.

However, a love for painting and designing theatre sets and props is actually what led to actress Alison Peebles becoming interested in performing arts and acting.

In a very intimate interview with The Herald Scotland, Alison describes how at school all she wanted to do was to paint, and that had ultimately led her to a career of designing theatre sets and props.

While standing at the side of the stage watching actors and singers perform, she explained that she often thought about how she would never be able to move away from designing props to getting involved in performance.

This all changed when working at the Theatre Workshop in Edinburgh, where she says it was more natural for her to be involved in performance.

She told the paper: “The thought of doing classical and text-based plays would have been too daunting.

“The stuff that we did we created ourselves. I was totally fearless as well, because I didn’t know anything and I didn’t know how not to be.”

This all paid off and Alison has gone on to become one of the most versatile stage and screen actresses in Scotland.

More recently, she has started to turn her hand to directing and she believes that her natural love of visual art that started when she was at school has helped shaped out this career for her.

She added: “As an actor I always see the whole piece and I remember a couple of people saying to me that I should direct because I was thinking of the play as a whole as well as my character.

“I remember being quite amazed that other people didn’t do that.”

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