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Stage Hire For Any Event

Planning an event, whether it's a massive music festival or a corporate gig, can prove time consuming and difficult. It ultimately means having to manage many different aspects of the event from sound equipment to booking acts and providing refreshments. One area that you should never overlook and need to ensure that you provide everything that is required is the stage. Stage hire can reduce costs while ensuring that you end up with exactly the design of stage that is needed for any event.

Modular Stages

Modular stage hire means that you can create precisely the stage that's needed without having to compromise. You can mix and match different aspects of a stage so that you can add extensions to existing stages or you can include seating, viewing areas, hand rails, and extra roof support. If your stage requires any of these things then module stage hire is ideal.


Stage hire is less expensive than purchasing the stage for any event. The cost of purchase can quickly mount up reaching several thousands of pounds for a small and simple stage. Hiring the same set up can cost a fraction of the price making it an especially beneficial choice if you do not require the use of the stage on a more permanent basis.

Stage Extensions

If you do own a stage rig but require something a little larger, or maybe you require additional one-off features for your stage, then modular stage hire is again the perfect solution. There's no need to buy the additional stage parts but you can still provide the added functionality by hiring the pieces that you require. Add a roof to your stage or create a tiered seating area. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Stage Hire

Stage hire can be used for music events, corporate entertainment, and even sporting events. Event organisers have a regular need for module stage design while companies or other organisations that may be organising a one-off event may only need the use of a stage for a short period of time. Stage hire can help add additional functionality to an existing stage or provide organisers with a stage they do not already have. specialises in stage hire and stage design . We have over 20 year's industry experience; visit our site for more information.

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