Spray Tanning Cubicles

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Tans look glamorous and exotic: darker skin can also give the illusion of more even muscle tone, and can make you look thinner. And there’s nothing like a dark or bronze tan to make you look and feel radiant in your own skin. Spray or ‘airbrush’ tanning, created as an alternative to sticky, streaky self-applications lotions and dangerous UV-based treatments, is now the number one most popular way to get a tan – and spray tanning cubicles are being hailed as the safest and most effective way to do it.

Home tanning no longer means a bottle of lotion and an orange latex glove – far from it. Rather, it is now possible to buy your very own spray tanning cubicles, to get the salon look in your own house, whenever you want it.

Spray tanning is the best technology developed so far, but it does fade within 7-10 days. This means that, if you want to sport a consistent tan, you will have to make a costly salon visit at least every two weeks. There are many advantages of salon tanning – convenience, effortlessness, and consultation with an expert who may be able to recommend the right formula tan for your skin tone – but many vintage tan addicts feel that they know enough to tan themselves. If this sounds like you, look into a home-use spray tanning cubicle.

Spray tanning cubicles are a far safer option than a simple self-use spray gun, because of the extra ventilation and draining that they offer. They can also guarantee to give you an even tan, covering even the difficult bits in minutes. Some people might like the freedom it gives them to wear tiny bikinis – or nothing at all – while they might not feel comfortable doing this in front of a beautician. This way, your even tan can spread over your whole body. And of course, use-by-use over their lifetimes they wind up a lot cheaper that visits to the salon once a week!

Some people just buy a spray tan can and spray themselves that way – however, these people can usually be identified by their blotchy, orange skin! A far better option is the spray tanning cubicle, which emits a mist of tanning solution over a period of about a minute. Afterwards, you towel off any excess solution, and in an hour or two, you’ll see the end result. Don’t take a shower till about four hours after the session, or you run the risk of washing off the solution you’ve just applied. And don’t take strenuous exercise for a few hours after the tanning session, because intense perspiration may cause the solution to streak, giving your skin an uneven look.

Before spray tanning, however, you should shower thoroughly, shave and exfoliate the skin – exfoliation is necessary to remove old dry skin and lower skin resistance to the tanning solution. However, never use a moisturizer before getting a spray tan: it will mix with the solution and rub off, as well as stopping the solution from reaching the true surface of your skin.

Colour builds in time, which is why you should always wait before deciding whether you’ve got the look you want. After the initial application, wait for a full twenty-four hours before applying more tanning solution. There’s no way to lighten your skin after it’s darkened, so be sure to be safe rather than sorry, and don’t fall for repeat applications.

If you follow this advice, you should be able to enjoy all the benefits of your home spray tanning cubicles. Have fun maintaining that perfect bronze glow, all year round.

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