Spray Tan - Steps Before And After Tanning

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The secret to a gorgeous spray tan lies in the way you prepare your skin before tanning. To avoid dodgy tan, you must read and implement every step mentioned in this page meticulously.

Three Crucial Steps Before Self-Tan

*Hydration: At least three days before the tan process, you must moisturize your skin well for keeping it hydrated. This prevents drying of skin after tan application and also ensures your tan stays there for long.
*Exfoliation: You must exfoliate your body, particularly the ankles, knees, elbows, and hands. It removes the dead cell layer from the skin. If you spray tan without exfoliation, the tan will stick to the dead cells and will shed along with the shedding of the dead layer within a short time. Also, tanning on exfoliated skin leads to even tan application as well as even fading. This avoids the ugly, patchy look.
*Hair Removal: Remember to wax or shave a day before self-tan. If you got sensitive skin, it's better to remove hair a couple of days before to avoid rashes.

After The Tan

Now that you've achieved a beautiful and even tan, you need to maintain this look. A little care after spray tan application can give you weeks of flaunting your sexy tanned look.

Remember To

*Moisturize your skin daily in the morning and at night. You need to keep your skin hydrated at all times to prevent "cracking" of the tan and providing a long-lasting self tanning effect.
*Avoid hot spas, chlorine pools, and swimming in saltwater. If possible, avoid the beach too, as the sand might stick to your skin. This produces friction and may remove your tan. If you must swim, have a quick dip. The more you stay in the water, the more your tan will get soaked, making it lighter.
*Use minimal skin products. (We wonder why you need skin products when you got such a great tan!) A good moisturizer and a sunscreen are enough.
*Avoid the anti-aging compound alpha-hydroxyl acid (AHA). It is the tan enemy. Check your moisturizer and other skin products to make sure they are devoid of this compound.

*Avoid using soaps and body washes that contain sodium lauryl or laureth sulphate. This compound, too, fades spray tan quickly.
*Refrain from spraying perfumes or deodorants directly on the skin. Spray on your clothes instead.

Sunless tanning saves you from the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun. It gives you natural tan without lying under the sun for hours. But, you need to put in a little effort to get a flawless tanned complexion. A little extra care before and after the tan goes a long way in giving you beautiful skin.

Moreover, there are a slew of tanning products that provide you varying shades of tan. You have a choice between ultra-dark tan, dark tan, and medium to light tan. Log online and get your hands on the treasure house of tan lotions and spray tan products. Stun the world with your dark beauty!

Visit the site www.sunlabsonline.com for a range of tanning products, including spray tan in varying shades and sizes. You can also choose from body and bath products, gels, and tanning accelerators for less than a dollar.

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