Spray Tan - Brush Your Way To A New Look!

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When summer descends, you will be looking for that beautiful tan to show off your fabulous complexion. It would be nice to be able to do that without subjecting your body to the harmful ultraviolet radiations from the sun, which is known to cause skin cancer. Sunless tanning methods are fast changing the way people get a tan. With an airbrush spray tan, lotions, moisturizers, wipes, gels, and the like, you can benefit from a bronzed look without exposing yourself to dangerous diseases.

Getting a Spray Tan - Home and Away

If you choose to apply spray tan at home, you will need the help of an informed friend to reach the parts that would not be possible for you to reach on your own. At home, you enjoy the advantage of choosing your own time and place and you have more privacy.

You can get a spray tan at a professional booth - spa or salon; or professionals can spray you with an airbrush spray tan. Specialists will know how to judge where the tan needs to be dark and where it needs to be light. Their sense of discretion can lead to excellent results.

Features of Spray Tanning:

* Sprays have the quality of being free from messes and they do not lead to a patchy or streaky appearance. Your chances of getting an even tan are better with sprays.

* A spray tan works its magic in a matter of minutes. You enter the tan booth and five minutes later you leave it. You have to wait a while for the effects to set in, but the process does not leave you hard-pressed for time.

* Spray tanning gives you the controlled atmosphere that will ensure that you get the shade you want sans the sunburns, freckles, discomfort, and time taken for traditional suntans.

Tips to Achieve the Perfect Tan:

* Exfoliate your skin before applying tanning products to remove dead skin. Also ensure that you skin is free from waxes and oils so there is no reaction when you spray yourself. This might improve the effects when you apply the self-tanning products. The shade you want will set in more evenly.

* If you choose to get tanned in a booth, remember to cover your eyes. Also hold your breath when the spray is on your face.

* Always wear old clothes to prevent staining. High-quality products will not contain dyes and other harmful additives, but it does not harm to take precautions.

* Remember that there is no substitute for reputed and trained specialists. Don't cut corners when it can affect your entire appearance.

Once you have had a spray tan, wait for some time before you shower, and you can enjoy the effects of the perfect complexion for as long as seven days! You can darken your tan further or choose a different shade later. With the options to have multiple appearances, you have the chance to feel like a different person!

Sun Laboratories Inc. is a company that enables fast and easy tans with their ultra-dark self-tanning spray, sunless airbrush spray tan, Handy Tan Instant Airbrush Tanning Sprays, and the like.

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