Sport a New Look with These Updos for Long Hair

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There are many more updos for long hair compared to any other hair length. Although it is true that longer hair is quite difficult to maintain, the good news is that your long hair enables better flexibility when it comes to styling. Hair updos are more challenging if you have medium length or short hair. But if you have longer hair, you can easily pull up your hair for a style that will give you a completely new look. The range of updos available today is simply unimaginable. With the help of your stylist, it is not difficult to select an updo hairstyle that will be perfect for your face.

Updos for long hair can be simple or complex. If you are trying hair updos for the first time, start with simple styles. For example, buns and French twists are always a classic for women with long hair. The bun is relatively simple and will enable you to quickly style your hair. This style is the best option if you are in a hurry or if nothing else is working. The French twist is a variation of the bun; the same styling principle is used but you can jazz it up to give your hair a new look. The French twist is a more casual updo and would be suitable for less formal occasions.

The simple bun has many variations of updos for long hair, and it can be styled in any way you like. You can also accessorize it if you want. Once you grasp the basics of bun-style hair updos, you could then move to more complicated styling methods. For example, you could utilize curls and half-dos to achieve a more playful yet sophisticated look. One example is the Edwardian updo, which is a perfect hairstyle for women with long hair but can be very challenging for beginners. Get some pointers from your stylist before you attempt this type of updo hairstyle. Another example is the braided updo. As the name implies, this style requires you to braid your hair before you can pull it up into that perfect updo. It takes time, but the result can be fantastic.

Trying a variety of different updos for long hair is a good way to find what hairstyle would be suitable for you. By learning the basics of hair updos, you can easily change the style of your hair every day. Remember, women with longer hair enjoy greater styling flexibility, so if you have long hair, you could try different updo hairstyles on a regular basis. The rule in making the right updo is to try the simplest styles first. Once you grasp the essentials, you will then be ready to try more complicated updo hairstyles.

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