Spoilt for choice

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Securing mobile phone services for your business is far from a difficult process. However, securing the best possible package of hardware and service provision does require more than simply just a bit of luck and some shiny new handsets.

At Active Digital, we are an independent supplier of business mobile phone solutions and are able to offer the services of all of the major mobile phone networks. Our independent status enables us to compare and tailor a package that suits all of your business needs from the most appropriate service providers without the need to deal with several sales teams from each of the different network providers. Business mobile phone solutions are becoming ever more important as the pace of technological development increases.

The humble mobile phone has been a hugely important business tool for many years, lending support to the more powerful and robust telecommunications tools such as the PC and landline phone. In very recent years, the smart mobile has become so advanced that the handsets are beginning to replace many functions of the PC. Simultaneously, the pricing of mobile communications coupled with the advantages of the more ready availability of the mobile handset, many businesses are reaching a tipping point where they can do away with landlines altogether.

All of this makes the selection of the correct hardware absolutely critical if your business is to maintain the standards of communication that are expected by clients. There is simply no value in offering clients updated reports or offers when you are back in the office if your competitors are able to offer live up-to-date information almost instantly. Smartphone business mobiles quite frequently remove the need to even produce a laptop to display information to your clients.

The choice of mobile handsets is truly vast. We are able to help you to analyse both your true usage needs and also identify real technological solutions that will help your business work smarter.

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