Split Canvas Photos Are A True Work Of Art

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Many have seen split canvas photos in local art galleries and stores. Many people enjoy them and would purchase them, however, they have been mostly unaffordable until recently. We all have photos that would look beautiful whether they were separated into multiple photos or if they were all one photo. Some of these types of photos include beach pictures, wildlife photos, outdoor, cityscapes and flowers. Now, you can have these digital photos on canvas for an affordable price and get the true works of art that you have been wanting inside your home.

There are many different types of split canvas prints that you can choose from depending on the look that you are trying to create in your home. There are grid options from two split canvases up to nine grids so that you can create a work of art all on your own. If you have photos that are repeating patterns or simply a field of flowers, the more grids you get, the more options you have to create a work of art with your own digital photos. There are many preprinted photos that you can also choose from if you are undecided on what you might like to use for your digital photo on canvas. One type of photo that is not recommended in split canvas is people. Often times, the canvas split will cut apart somebody's face leaving you with an awkward photo that not many care for.

As with any photo, you can choose several options to enhance your photo on canvas. Options such as selecting the size of your canvases, border sizes, thickness, enhancements such as red eye reduction, and basic resolution adjustments as well as changing your photo to black and white or sepia for an additional charge. There is virtually no photo that cannot be worked with. There are experts that are able to retouch and fix any photo that you send in. And if for some reason the photo you have selected does not meet your approval or cannot be fixed, then it will be sent back to you at no cost to you.

Cityscapes are one of the most beautiful split canvas prints that you can create. Not only do they add a liveliness to your home but they also help to make the space look bigger with the ability to "see the city" from inside. If you do not have your own cityscape photos, there is a wide selection of cityscapes that you can choose from. There is no format or source that cannot be worked with, therefore, if you find photos online while searching for something you can turn them into a beautiful canvas for the house. The only addendum to this is that the photo that you send in cannot be copyrighted or you will have to get permission from the photographer to use it. You will be asked if you own the copyrights and have permission to use the photo for reproduction at the time of your order.

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