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Superheroes featured in cartoon books :

Superheroes are imaginedunreal characters made by man that describes men with special powers. These powers are largely put into good use to care forgive protection to the society from evil and crime. The term superhero was coined way back in the year 1917 and the theory of bringing about a superhero comic occurred in the year 1938 that came from America and has crossed over all over the world and been faced with lots of fan following since then. Following are the list of the most powerful superheroes until date :
Superman :
a leader of comic book superheroes, Superman brought in the superhero revolution. In spite of all the inheritors Superman still doesn't fail to make history be it thru comic books, animation or flicks. His superpowers are fantastic whereby he'll fly to heights that may go beyond space and he can survive in vacuum. He has x-ray and telescopic vision that also enables him to shoot potent laser like beams. He is the ultimate Man of Steel who still is as famous as he was when this title of his was commenced.

Spiderman :

After Superman if there's one comic personality which has another whopping fan following it is Spiderman. Spiderman comic is the depiction of a commoner who has no identity for himself in the society and doesn't have the confidence to socialise but suddenly is bit by a radioactive spider in a science museum and discovers he's not a normal human anymore. He takes superhuman strength, ability to adhere to most surfaces and produce spider webs.

Batman :

Batman is one personality who is unique and unlike other superheroes he doesn't magically posses superhuman powers but has developed and invented with the help of his brilliant and perceptive self, widgets that lets him do superhuman jobs. He is an excellent tactician and strategist. His mind is similar to a super PC. Also he is an expert at many martial arts, hand to hand weapons and close quarters combat. By day his real identity is in picture. He's pictured as a millionaire called Bruce Wayne. It is with this gigantic wealth that he's able to design his own armory of technological gadgets, automobiles and weapons.

Wolverine :

he has got a lot of animal like characters ascribed to his mutant gene. His senses are heightened ; he tracks anything by smell and spots enemies in the area. He has superb healing power when faced by cuts, injuries, bullet injuries or damaged bones. He has got claws that allow him to cut thru any probable surface and makes him even more immune to damage.

The Hulk :

Bruce Banner turns into The Hulk and becomes an irresistible beast with unlimited strength, power and eradication capacities. His attacks have the impact of a thunder. For his size he is very fast and can cover great distances in shorter time intervals. He has high endurance and self healing capacities.

Wonder lady :

She was created out of clay. Her name is Diana Themyscira the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, the Leader of the Amazon. She is created to battle for the earth against the God Ares. She could be a critical member of the Justice League of America.

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