Specialities of haitian art galleries

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"Haitian art works are well known all over the world, Haiti is also well known for its art works and imaginative artists.Haitian art was formed by Georges Liautaud in 1950. . The religion of the Haitians where formed when slaves from different part of Africa where put to work together and hence their religion and culture fused together and led to the formation of the Voodoo mythology. Forced to convert into Catholicism the saves where not allowed to worship Voodoo mythology, the slaves incorporated Voodooist ideas into the images of Catholic saints. After the revolution ended though Voodoo didn't come up it remained hidden, Voodoo temples where filled with bright images and this created more ideas for artists.
One of the newest art forms given to the world by the Haitians is in the metal art work in the form metal drum sculpture inspired from the Voodoo mythology. Haitian oil drum art is done in the place called Port-au-Prince. Most of the sculptures in Haitian oil drum arts are representations of mermaids, snakes, angels, devils and other beast that are liked by foreigners. The Haitian drum art is done on chemical and oil drums that are not in use they are bought in bulk quantities at lower rates and sent to artists to work on. The work in Haitian art work is done by heating the drums and then cutting them making them into sheets and latter marking them with chalk and later cutting and designing them using ordinary tools.

One of the other fascination of the Haitians is their art gallery which is a collection of different items. The cave walls by the Taino Indians shed light into the Haitian art forms.One of the famous art galleries of the Haitian art works is the Gallery arc en ciel, the gallery consist of a large collection of sculptures, wooden carvings and paintings. Some of the biggest Haitian metal art works are also displayed at this museum. The painting works that are done by the Haitians in a primitive way is known as the Nave art paintings, they are quite unique showing the different aspects of their life and Voodoo mythology in a great interesting way. Most of the artist that do the Haitian oil drum art work are not educated in how to draw or paint, they do it in their traditional way and how their forefathers taught them. Haiti's ethnic mixture of French Catholic and tribal roots have helped a lot in developing this art in a great deal giving it the needs of color style etc. Haitian artworks always have been successful and hence it helped the people in the locality to get a good living. The Haitian attraction to use bright colors can be seen in their all forms of art works and it is greatly seen in Haitian oil drum art as well. The paintings on the drums usually show landscapes, the struggles and the joy of the people, it also helps to learn the history and tradition of the people. Haitian wood carvers coax beautiful structures from native woods. The most spectacular Haitian art form is Drapo Voodoo or Voodoo Flag. Satin, silk or other materials along with beads are used for making the Voodoo Flag. The Voodoo Flag or the Drapo Voodoo is mainly used in religious ceremonies.

The new methods that are applied to Haitian oil drum art is to make in three dimensional by welding parts on to the drum and their by making the structures bigger and more bright by applying paint on it. This gives the Haitian oil drum art a better successive future. Moreover the raw materials that are used for the construction of Haitian metal sculptures are waste raw materials and hence the cost for making theses sculptures are quite low and the profit is good. Hence creativity helps to create a great deal by the Haiti's and the Haitian oil drum art.

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