Special Cutlery and Cooking Tools for Waterless Cookware

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In spite of the major advantages and benefits of waterless cooking, the special cutlery and cooking tools required for this new but efficient process cost much higher than those required for conventional cooking. The prices of such waterless cookware vary according to the quality of the cutlery and cooking tools for each type of waterless cooking. On an average, when you consider a complete set of waterless cooking cutlery of acceptable quality, the total cost of the various pots, pans, and other cooking tools required for this could easily vary between $1,000 and $5,000 or even more. These prices are dependent on the types of materials used and the exact construction process of the waterless cooking cutlery.

On the face of it, the above cost might appear to be quite high. However, you should be able to view it as a one-time investment that guarantees supreme quality food with maximum retention of the natural nutrients present in the food items. The long-term health benefits such as the extended healthy life, average increase in life-span, much higher daily consumption of the rich vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients, and avoidance of the accumulation of undesirable fat content in the body far outweigh the initial cost of the waterless cooking cutlery and other related cooking tools. If you take into consideration the savings in our health bills and the fuel costs alone for your entire household, you would be able to understand that the initial higher investment in waterless cookware are recovered fully within a very short span of time.

Construction of Waterless Cooking Cutlery

In general, all the waterless cookware items are manufactured from specially selected high grade stainless steel. This ensures that the taste of the cooked food does not change. Water and oil are totally avoided in this waterless cooking process. As such, special coatings like Teflon or other non-stick materials are not required in the manufacture of such waterless cookware, protecting the household from allergic reactions or other harmful side effects from such chemical coatings. Since the food is cooked in its natural juices, burning or sticking of the food to the vessels does not arise. Cleaning of the waterless cookware is thus much easier and efficient.

The other important aspects of waterless cookware are their flat bottoms, special lids, and unique steam valves. The flat bottom of the waterless cooking cutlery allows maximum heat absorption and even distribution of the heat. This results in lesser amount of fuel for the entire cooking process. The special lids hold the natural moisture and juices of the vegetables, meat, and other food items inside the vessels. The food is cooked with the steam generated from these natural juices and moistures being effectively used as the cooking medium, instead of water or oil in regular cooking.

This novel cooking method helps in the retention of the natural flavors and nutrients present in the food items up to 98%. The flavors and nutrients are not allowed to escape or get destroyed during the cooking process. Further, this unusual steam cooking process helps the cooking to be done at an even and constant temperature, guaranteeing best possible cooking of the food. The steam valve blows a whistling sound when the cooking process is completed. Thus, the cutlery and cooking tools of waterless cooking provide unparalleled cooking quality, compared to conventional cooking methods.

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