Special birthday poems for your sibling

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It is your sister’s or brother’s birthday soon and you have no idea what gift to give them or what to write on the card? Maybe you should be creative and consider using a birthday poem! Poems make great personal gifts because they can be adapted to a special situation or for a specific person. Moreover, there is an infinite number of birthday poems already available. Try searching the WWW for poetry websites and archives that do provide birthday poems or simply google the term “birthday poem” or “poems for birthdays”.
When you’ve found a poem you like, whether it is funny or praising, don’t use it as it is unless it fits perfectly. Try adapting the birthday poem so that it is unique and fits the person it is aimed at. You could start by including your sibling’s name in the birthday poem and then add a few words, lines or stanzas to include good character traits or funny anecdotes. Think about what games you liked to play together when you were younger, what made you fight, how you managed to share a room for what you felt was half an eternity, or how your big brother scared away your first boyfriend. Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced poet or writer, just play around with language a bit or get some help from a friend if you find writing birthday poetry is too hard for you. If you’d like to read it out, make sure it is readable and targeted at your audience.

You’ve searched the net but haven’t found anything suitable? Why not try writing a birthday poem yourself? This way you have all the freedom you can get since you can choose the length, style, rhyme scheme, metre and structure of the poem all by yourself. One way to do it is to write funny birthday poems with the help of an anecdote which is amusing and sort of makes fun of getting older. The other way of writing happy birthday poems is to praise the birthday girl or boy by highlighting their good character or what they’ve already achieved in life. You could refer to your sibling’s passing A levels, getting their first job, or graduating. To target the birthday poem specifically to your sibling, you can also state clearly that you are the writer, taking the position of the lyrical I and thereby including yourself in the poem.

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