Spanish woman registered as private property of the sun to charge user fees

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After several billion years time, the sun finally "have the Lord!" Galicia from Spain, a woman in a wet area on Friday claimed that she had a local notary public registration, personal property will be registered as the sun.
Angelina, 49, Las·Duran In an interview with "World News" Daily Online said in an interview, said in a news see the moon and the solar system, a majority of Americans registered in the name of the planet, she this year in September started to become "Lord of the Sun," the action.
She said that although the provisions of international agreements that no State shall claim possession of any planet or star, but the individual has no limit.
She said: "No, my claim is legitimate, I'm not stupid, I know the law. I did it, others can do the original, but I grab the first." Notary declared the documents issued, Du Portland is the "master of the sun. The star of spectral type G2, is located in the solar system center, and the Earth's average distance 149,600,000 km."
Salva Terra • living in the town of Du • Camino Duran said she wanted to people of all charges by the sun, half of which proceeds will be turned over to the Spanish government, 20% for pension funds in Spain.
She will also donate 10% of the proceeds for research, 10% to end global hunger, and the remaining 10% for themselves.
Duran asked: "The work to start right time. If there is to increase revenue, economic development, but also conducive to human well-being of a good idea, why not?"
The survival of humanity is inseparable from the sun, But this does not mean that humans can not do without a moment of sunshine. Within a certain period of time humans left the sun, can still survive. Therefore, since the sun made the ownership of Duran, the man can refuse to use the sun. Not only refused to use the sun, but also to the sun everywhere, causing light pollution and affect human life on the grounds will be brought to court Duran, Duran asked to stop infringement, to be compensated.
Any act of appropriation of the sun is immoral, does not conform to the law of human development of human society. The United Nations should seize the time, be revised, "Outer Space Treaty", plug the loopholes so that the sun is always free of the main things that any man, anyone can freely use.

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