Spa Repair Part 4 Spa Pump Repair Explained In Detail

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Spa Repair - Part 4 - Spa Pump Repair Explained In Detail

Being able to enjoy a spa or hot tub is a luxury that not all are able to enjoy. If you are fortunate enough to be able to own your own, you should be aware of the proper procedures to keep your spa running smoothly for years to come.

The need for spa repair can come at some of the most inopportune times. As a home owner you should be aware of many reasons that you need to repair or replace your spa pump.

There are two major components of a spa pump; the wet end and the dry end.

A. The wet end of the pump is the end the houses the impeller. The impeller is what moves the water and creates the jets that you enjoy. If the impeller stops moving, a spa repair might be needed. The impeller may become jammed or the bearings/ seals may freeze causing the impeller to stop spinning. If this happens, you may hear a whining noise. Immediate attention is needed if you intend to continue using your spa. Failure to accurately diagnose and address this problem may result in further malfunction or injury.

B. The dry end of the pump system is the part that houses the motor that turns the impeller. The motor is made up of many smaller and more intricate parts. If the bearings freeze the impeller stops spinning. Likewise, if the shaft does not turn, neither will the impeller. Since this is the critical portion of the pump system, it is imperative that it is working correctly.

The motor and pump unit also contains a number or seals or gaskets. If these seals or gaskets show signs of leaking, you will need a qualified spa repair technician take a closer look. Failure to address this may result in further deterioration of the whole pump system. If the pump system seizes, it will be necessary to replace the pump unit.
Addressing these problems at their onset will drastically reduce repair and replacement costs.

Remember that these problems are not rare. They happen to others and they will happen to your spa. This needs to be addressed as part of the normal wear and tear of a spa.

Spa repair should not be treated as a burden but as a normal part of ownership. Be aware that these kinds of repairs will happen and pay close attention to jet strength, pump noise and keeping up with regular maintenance.

Be a proactive spa owner and give your spa the attention that it requires.
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