Southwest Greens Artificial Grass Products Play Nice With The Environment

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Often times we lose sight of our own environmental footprint, and the effect our choices have on the world at large. As a leading distributor of synthetic turf products, Southwest Greens knows that artificial backyard putting greens and artificial lawns offer more than just a great way to improve your short game or the look of your home. They have the ability to affect the environment in a positive way; helping you go green while simultaneously increasing the green in your wallet. And those are some mighty fine reasons to learn more about our artificial grass products.

The last time you pulled out your gas lawn mower and mowed your lawn several things happened that you may or may not have been aware of. Gas means emissions, and in the time it took to mow your yard you released enough emissions into the air to account for a 100-mile trip by car. A significant part of those emissions reinvent themselves as smog, an ugly word that no one who appreciates blue skies and a healthy environment wants to utter. The good news is that the preceding scenario goes out the window with artificial grass because there is no mowing, period. There's also no fertilizing, and rejoice Californians, because there's no watering either!

In California we've seen our share of water shortages, so any lawn or part of your yard that doesn't require water is a welcome addition. Think of all the water you waste watering your yard. Studies show that it runs into the hundreds and thousands of gallons per year for the average homeowner. We can do better, and artificial turf from Southwest Greens is a good place to start.

All of these facts are good and well, but at the end of the day it's OK to admit there needs to be a little more in it for us than mere environmental consciousness. And boy is there. As a golfer, you'll work on your short game in the convenience of your own home on a surface that offers a true roll and immaculate conditions year-round. As a homeowner, you'll enjoy a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood and gives you back your weekends free of yard work. And as a family, you'll enjoy the extra money in your pocket those smaller water bills will engender.

Lower golf scores, a pristine yard, less yard work, a few more dollars in your pocket and, of course, a healthier environment. Everybody wins with synthetic turf products from Southwest Greens.

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