South Park is a fantastic political satire..

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South Park is fantastic political satire, toilet humor and pop culture all mixed into one. They have done well with their pull not punches 'everything is okay or nothing is okay' humor policy and season 13 is no exception. There were a few dull episodes but they are over showed by the good ones. Cartman going to Somalia to become a pirate, Kyle becoming a messianic figure of the economy, Michael Jackson returning to earth, the boys great their own WWE style wresting show, Stan tries to save the whales and the boys try to change the meaning of the word 'Fag' and much more. There were a couple episodes I didn't like much or didn't really find funny at all, but just a couple, Pinewood Derby, Dances with Smurfs and Pee, were all less than stellar episodes in my opinion. But the majority are great and more than make up for the occasional bad one. I never expected this show to last past season two when it came out but since then there has been so much character growth and refinement when it comes to stories it just gets better every year. I am eagerly looking forward to the start of season 14 in March but until then season 13 will tied me over.

"All in all I continue to commend South Park for avoiding satirizing itself like other favorites the Simpsons, or even Family Guy. This show is always just about pointing out how stupid things are and as long as they never take that too serial then they will always have good episodes if not great ones. It's hard to expect them to come up with constant simplistically genius episode concepts like Guitar Queer-o, Make Love Not Warcraft, Good Times With Weapons or Imaginationland on a nonstop basis. So a mere good season is forgiven as long as it contains great episodes which this one does. Five Stars for being as Funny and certainly as Entertaining as Ever.

*After having now rewatched the episodes, this season stands up much better in second viewing. I would now say it's much better than just good, though still not truly great."

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