South Florida Botox Cosmetic Treatments

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South Florida Botox practitioners know that a happy, confident customer is one who makes an informed choice, so letís take a look at what you should know about Botox. Botox is a term used in the cosmetic surgery industry to refer to botulinum A, a non-surgical injection treatment used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the face. Botox is considered to be a safe, temporary treatment which is becoming increasingly popular to people of all ages, from 18 to 65.

Botox injections work to reduce the appearance of existing lines and wrinkle, and prevent new ones from forming, by effectively relaxing the muscles which cause them. Once introduced into the area, the Botox injection blocks the release of the chemical neurotransmitter acetylcholine between muscles fibers and nerve endings, making the tensed muscles unable to contract. This allows them to fully relax, releasing the skin to a smoother appearance, and prevents them from habitually contracting once again.

In South Florida, Botox treatment can technically be administered by any licensed healthcare practitioner, but as with most things, itís better to go to a specialist for optimum care and results. Choose a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon who has an expert knowledge of facial structure and reputable experience with Botox treatment.

What to Expect

Before any reputable South Florida botox practitioner begins working on your delicate face, your facial structure and particular skincare needs will be thoroughly assessed, and an individual treatment program will be devised. Individualized treatment is critical to the success of this procedure because all people move their facial muscles differently, and have different facial habits and ticks- there are no basic by-the-chart treatments with Botox injections. This is why dealing with an expert facial structure is key.

During your initial assessment, your doctor will also take into consideration any medications you are currently taking, and any medical conditions, history, or allergies which could affect the successful outcome of your Botox treatment. In South Florida, Botox injections are ruled out as a treatment option for patients who are pregnant, suffer from any neurological disorders, or have any types of skin infection at the proposed injection sites.

Like any prescribed medication, Botox does have some possible side effects, including nausea, headache, temporary eye-lid twitching or droop, blurred vision, redness, pain, and muscle weakness. However the majority of patients have no adverse reactions at all. Botox injection sessions typically take about ten minutes to complete, and the anti-aging effects become visible within a week of the treatment, lasting for about four months. Because the effects of Botox are temporary, repeated treatments are needed to maintain the reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles, but over time, these treatments actually result in a thinning of the muscles involved, making the effects of each Botox treatment longer lasting.

Finding a Botox Specialist

The success of your Botox treatment depends almost entirely on the skill and experience of your Botox doctor. The greater their skill and experience, the more natural your face will look, so itís worth the time and effort to find someone who really knows what theyíre doing. Search online for the best South Florida Botox treatment practitioners, and choose several to meet with for an in-person consultation. Review previous patient results and testimonies, and go with someone you trust to recharge your own special brand of natural, youthful beauty.

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