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Maybe you’ve wondered about how to change your number so that the other person can’t recognize you on caller ID, which is where the number would appear. You can do this without breaking any laws. Doing this is easier now than ever. All you have to remember is to buy a so-called “spoof card” that can allow users to change a number within a half a minute. In addition to changing your telephone number, you can modify the sound of your voice (including your accent and a change of gender). This software facility is quite obtainable. Subscribing to this service only requires you to sign up for an account by telephoning a toll free number. Long distance calls can be made using this service in the same fashion as pre-paid or calling cards. This option gives you about 480 hours of talk time for the low price of $80. If you'd like to give this a trial run, you may purchase a card for as little as ten dollars and talk for as long as an hour.

Privacy is an important thing for all of us, and the SpoofCard aims to give us exactly that; it enables us to place calls with out the other person knowing who the caller is. Fooling a person is sometimes a fun activity if it has a favorable outcome. You can purchase this card with your credit card and once the purchase process is over, you will be assigned a Personal Identification Number or PIN and an account with SpoofCard.

The way the SpoofCard works is easy; the first thing you have to do is access the SpoofCard system and then dial the phone number of the person you want to prank call. You should dial the number that you wish to appear on the recipient’s caller ID and the name you want it to flash. When you’ve done this, you’ll be asked by the system which gender you want to use for talking, and whether or not you desire to have your conversation recorded.

Spoofing Calls: To play a prank on someone is funny, but unless you want the other party to call the police, don't do anything malicious or mean-spirited.

This card can allow you to disguise your voice to such a degree that it will be virtually unrecognizable even to your family and your closest friends. You can spoof anyone easily with the tools that allow you to effectively disguise your voice.

The caller and the user can record a call that can always be replayed some time in the future. If you did the prank as it was supposed to be done you would be enjoying it about now

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