Soul Food: Top 3 Desserts Voted By Readers

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Soul food desserts have a long reputation of having the smooth taste and satisfaction we all love. When you think of the true meaning of southern comfort, it's nothing like something southern and sweet to top off a good meal (If you still have room, that is). I've polled many of my readers on what there favorite is and I received many answers. Some of the answers predictable, others not so predictable and still others shocking, In fact, I didn't know you would call some of the votes or choices desserts, but I included them in the tally none- the -less.

Eventually I did come up with the top 3 soul food dessert chosen by my readers. I gladly share it with you here. Keep in mind when I took this poll it was in the middle of July. So you'll understand why your favorite may have not made the cut. One dessert that caused an upset and edged out a normal favorite was a cool dessert, in honor of summer no doubt.

Here's the top 3 favorites voted by readers. If you're from the south or have southern roots you know your desserts. You may not agree with the order of these results, but there's no doubt you'll agree with there long reputation of good eating.

1. Banana Pudding
The surprise winner this time. Known for its smooth texture and rich creamy taste. This southern pudding favorite goes good when you're subjected to hot weather. It' a perfect cool-me-off treat after a satisfying meal. It's cool, tasty and light. Just what the eater ordered on a balmy summer evening. The positives of this meal topper? It's easy to make and you can find fresh bananas year round.

2. Peach Cobbler
This dessert, normally at the top of the list, especially in the cold winter months is still a favorite among soul food lovers, even in the hot summer months. Nothing says home cooking like a delightful peach cobbler. The daring always love to top it off in the summer with a nice dollop of ice cream, sherbet or whip topping, that gives it just the right touch. But to most this southern favorite needs no help. Just a bowl and a spoon thank you!

3. Sweet Potato Pie
An all-time favorite that's hard to beat when it comes to finishing a meal the right way. Always a year round favorite by most soul food lovers. It's unbeatable in the cool fall and cold winter months. The taste and texture seems to warm you inside out and manages to message your taste buds while doing it. I can see why this pie always makes a respectable appearance at the top of everyone's favorite soul food dessert list.

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