Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia-Distinctive Design

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Sony Ericsson has launched one of the best phones in its category which incorporates remarkable look and commendable features. This handset lets the user enjoy with Windows Mobile inside and enables the user to choose from a dynamic range of activities, from enjoying music to working efficiently on the move.

From the hardware standpoint, this handset is very well built and feels extremely strong in hand. The handset equips a 528 MHz processor and 256MB RAM that enables it to run smoothly.

The 800x400 VGA screen is very beautiful and the resolution is packed into a 2.8 inch screen. Videos and images are bright, sharp and vibrant. One most striking functionality that this handset has is the resistive touch technology. The keys are very well spaced and the user does not need about typing anything wrong, when typing in haste. Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia has an optical sensor in the middle of four -way directional pads that let the user use his thumb over the surface and scroll upside or downwards.

Talking about the software side, the selling point of the cell phone are the custom panel interfaces which range from different styles of homescreens, media player interface and a Google oriented screen. While selected, these custom panels serve as default screen for the mobile phone and all the navigational tracks back to the panels.

The clean and streamlined Media Player features large icons and buttons that work quite well with the stylus. From the screen the user can watch videos, view photos or even bring up the contact list to make a quick call.

In terms of calls, the signal strength and clarity are very good. When the user hits the call button from the home screen, it brings up the keyboard with a complete list of recently made calls. There is a series of icons for favorites, call logs and contact that resides above the keypad.

The universal vision for Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia could be explained as it has a great combination of multimedia features and mobile Web communication thus making a perfect blend. The features of the handset include a 3 inch touch screen, full QWERTY keyboard and a multimedia player.

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