Sony Ericsson Phones - The beguiling widgets in the market

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Sony Ericsson is treated amongst the best mobile maker was established with the collaboration of two reputed brands Sony and Ericsson. Sony a well known identity known for its innovations in the ground of technology had been craving to get into the mobile phone agora for quite some time now but had failed to achieve a strong hold in the market. A horizontal merger with Ericsson was what it required to make entry into the giant UK mobile phone souk. Ericsson on the other hand was finding its partner after its Mexico based chip plant was terminated in a fire tying up the production and commencement of the company's novel products for months. An alliance with the electronics giant Sony enabled Ericsson to turn its fortune back around. Sony mobile widgets are mostly renowned for their awesome snappers and the quality of music.

The P-series, Walkman and Cyber shot series of gadgets are the brands that have brought a lot of revenue and goodwill for this company enabling it recover from major hazards and move up to become one of the most fierce players in the mobile phone industry. Sony Ericsson Phones have immense purchaser utility as they are available at affordable price tag and comes with attributes which put all other mobile widgets in the same segment. Sony has been the first mover of several new technologies when it came out with the P800 a power full smart phone in an age where business gadgets were almost non existent. Offering both a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard the P800 was the a widget far ahead of its time.

After the successful launch of P800 Ericsson revealed a variety of great mobile phones in the 'P' series all of which were entirely accepted by the folks in the market. After the P-series had established Sony Ericsson's dominance in the souk the company further consolidated it with its Walkman and Cyber Shot series of widgets. Instead of putting together two great attributes and making a high end widget Sony Ericsson opted to split them up and furnish a widget around only one attribute that would be cost effective for everyone. Sony Ericsson phones are already cheap can offer even more value for money if purchased from online retail stores on several deals like contract deals, pay as you go deals and sim free deals.

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