Sony Ebook Reader Vs Kindle – Which One Is Better Than The Other?

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With the many ebook readers that are being launched still the best two names that are being compared with one another are Kindle and Sony. This is the reason why there are lots of buzz that pertains to Sony Ebook Reader vs Kindle.

For those people who are aware of ebooks, they want to know the things that will give one product the edge. These are the things that make them different from one another, giving the people the hint of which is really which between the two of them.

To simplify their differences, let us first start with the price differences of the two ebooks. Obviously, when it comes to price, Kindle is a hundred dollars less expensive than the Sony ebook as Kindle sells at $300 while Sony is only $400.

Sony Ebook Features

-free viewing of PDF files
-there is no need to subscribe to an internet connection
-free accessibility to blogs and RSS feeds
-a free memory card that is included in the welcome kit

Kindle Ebook Reader Features

-has the ability to contain 200 titles

-includes SD card slot that is included in the unit upon purchase
-no need to buy a dollar for every RSS feed and blog

Next thing to consider is the format of these two ebook readers. It is true that Sony comes with lots of freebies like in viewing PDF files and this makes it different from Kindle because it charges you with a 10 cent fee for every view. However, Kindle can read plain text formats from SD cards, images, HTML but don’t do much when it comes to RTF, DOC, and PDF formats. Meanwhile, the Sony ebook reader can not also read the DOC format straight to the point.

The E-ink technology is used by both Kindle and Sony so this is a plus factor to both of them.

When it comes to printability, Kindle can offer the portability that will make you bring all your files easily anytime, any place. The 10 cent fee is only applicable for wire less transfer of word documents.

Battery life is an important thing that will separate the two ebooks. According to Amazon and those who have al ready tried, Kindle is far better than Sony when it comes to battery life. In fact, Kindle can stand to function in straight four days even without the need to charge and recharge the battery.

Sony Ebook Reader vs Kindle: which one is your choice?

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