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Last time when I met some of my friend in a café before Christmas, everyone was happy to share the goals achieved in this year and tell the new plans in the next year with much self-confidence. When it was my, I said that I wanted to communicate better than ever before. It is not because I am not good at communicating, but because I think there is scope for improvement indeed.

Being a manager in a local store selling a variety of iphone 4 covers, I am responsible for the training of sales man, teaching them sales skills, how to make customers interested in our products, and how to attract them from other stores.

If you want to discover how to communicate at your very best there are a number of proven, highly effective ways to make a big difference in your communication skills. With the right strategies and tips you can and will excel even if in the past you wondered what the best way was to communicate with people. In my opinion, it is the most difficult to communicate strangers, as you are not familiar with them and cannot predict what they will say next. However, things can be a little bit easy with the right guidance when learning how to get along with people.

Some suggestions are posted here which may be of help for you.

1.Conflict is inevitable. Combat is not!
Some people cannot distinguish conflict with combat. Actually, there's a gigantic difference between the two concepts. You may see many conflicts around you every day, in the market, on the way to work, or even in your office, however, combat does not always only when the conflicts get worse.
2.Is technology killing quality conversation?
In such a rapid developed society, new products appear every day in the shop. computers and other electronic texting devices devalue or reduce the frequency of regular face-time conversations? We become more willing to communicate other online by MSN, Yahoo, or e-mails instead of the original face-to-face communication, which is shown in a recent study.
3.Get the respect you deserve
In my experience of communicating with some distinguished clients, I really feel uncomfortable as they treat me as someone who wants to get their money, which means they hardly trust me in our business and sometimes even initiate disrespectful behaviors. Under such a circumstance, I never be a man who is timid and cannot describe my emotion, on one hand, I tell them that I am honored they have interest to buy iphone 4 case in my store; on the other hand, build barriers to let them know it is not always easy to get discount iphone 3g cases in my stores if I cannot get the respect I should have deserved.

Recently, I have realized that communication skills become more and more important in a team, and it may become the first urgent skill which should be improved with the development of a team in such a rapid developed world.

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