Something Good's Gonna Happen Paul Orberson Book in Review

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Upon reading the book Something Good is Gonna Happen a story about Paul Orberson my first thought was this man has the heart of a servant. How many people would decide at age 39 to come out of retirement to start a company with the thought of how many people he can help. If you reached your goals and had your multi-millionaire life style what would you do?

Maybe a look at Paul before he built his wealth will give us an insite on what makes this man tick. Into sports growing up and seeing his family alway doing the extra to make ends meet make Paul the man he is. A seemingly average man school teacher, coach, with the drive to do more for his family had odd jobs of house painting and tobacco farming just to make ends meet. Then in November 1990 he was introduced to the Excel Telecommunications company and signed up as a representative. Like most of us he struggled with his business at one point ready to quit trying to sell it. Then his business started to grow and in a few short years he was doing so well that he earned one million dollars in one month April 1996.

When a person reaches a certain point in their industry with the right amount of money they decide it is time to retire and get to the part of life they are waiting to enjoy. Not so with Paul after retirement he realized he had so much more to give. He wasn't in on this venture alone, with the team work of Tommy Mills and fellow network marketers he was ready to move on and develop what he thought was a great new way to be of service to others and start a different type of mlm company. Thus on January 5, 2001 Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing was born, debt free & share holder free.

If you take the multi-level marketing model and start with 4 product services voice mail, websites for the representatives, paging, and long distance services you start to build. The success after just 6 months prompted other companies to start to contact them adding Cingular Wireless and Dish Network to the partner businesses. What is one thing these companies have in common? They all have recurring monthly billing a big idea for consistant commissions to be paid. This is a company meant to grow and change with the markets as some companies are phased out new more customer friendly companies are added. The company has now grown and will keep growing and changing to fit the needs of their customers. Paul's need to help and be of service to others shines through with everything he does and every plan he makes.

Just when you would think everything was going great Paul was hit with a devistating health crisis that landed him in the hospital in Feburary 12, 2003 through it all he kept the positive additude he is known for and realized as he pulled through that he needed to make some major lifestyle changes. For someone as driven as Paul Orberson it could have been hard to strike the balance that he needed in his life and health but as alway when he sets his mind to something he can achieve it.

To truely learn about the man behind the amazing business opportunity and view his personal faith and committment to his fellow networkers, dreamers, and business owners read this book for inspiration. If you are struggling in you home based business and have the motivation to see yourself at the top click the link below to find out amazing ways to grow your business.

Lori Giffey is an online marketing coach and business owner looking forward to helping you succeed in your home based business. Click the link to learn how you can become truely successful . SOMETHING GOOD'S GONNA HAPPEN to your business when you learn the secrets today.

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Occupation: business owner and online marketing coach
Lori Giffey is a successful online marketing coach and mlm business owner. she is looking forward to assisting you become successful in your mlm business.

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