Some Thoughts On Abstract Photography

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There are numerous techniques for making abstract photography images. This article will cover four of them (blur, zooming in, partial image, and Photoshop filters. Once the techniques have been learned, they may be applied to various subject matter to create beautiful abstract images.


The blurring of objects is the first technique that will be covered. Photos with a dreamy feel work best with this technique. As a result, selecting the subject matter with care is essential. After all, if the wrong subject matter is selected, the final results are going to be discouraging.

There are numerous approaches to this technique. Possibly the easiest way is to use a soft focus lens. However, this is also the costliest method. Affixing a soft focus filter to a regular lens produces a similar effect. An economical approach is to just stretch panty hose over the front of a lens. For those that prefer, the blur can always be added with Photoshop during the editing of the images.

Zooming In on the Subject

The zooming in technique produces a very interesting effect. However, it does require a zoom lens. The technique is fairly simple. A long shutter speed is chosen. Then, while the shutter is open, the photographer changes the focal length of the zoom lens. The general approach is to begin at a wide angle and zoom into a narrow angle.

With this particular technique, there are a few essential points. A tripod is really necessary for this technique. Otherwise, there will be blurring brought on by camera movement during the exposure. A strong center of interest works best with this technique. Without a strong center of interest, the image merely ends up being a blur of lines with nothing to grab the viewer's interest. Keeping these points in mind can help to improve your abstract photos.

Don't be surprised if you discover that you need to take numerous shots to produce just one good abstract image. This is simply the way this technique functions. You can not accurately predict the way a shot will come out. So, take numerous shots and select the best one.

Utilizing a Partial Object

With this technique, the total object is not photographed. Instead, the image consists of just a portion of an object. The best thing to do is to isolate a portion of an object that is particularly intriguing. By using only a section of the object, some mystique is created.

Since form, color, and lines are especially important when the partial object technique is employed, objects should be selected based on these factors.

Using Photoshop Filters

Image editing can also be used to create abstract images. Photoshop filters offer one simple way to do this. Just use the Filter menu to gain access to the filters. The best way to create a great abstract image, with this technique, is to just play with the various filter choices. After you are done experimenting, you can choose the filter that created the most interesting results. Then, you can make use of that filter for the final image.

In Conclusion

Outstanding abstract images can be created using all of these techniques. The next step is to grab your camera. Then, you just need to head out to create some wonderful images.

Needless to say, there is much more to abstract photography than the information included in this article. To learn much more, take a look at Things to know about Abstract Photography. Best of luck with your abstract photography.

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