Some remedial measures for hair damage control

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Damaged hair is the most unwanted problem of the fashion conscious people. It is really a problem to be given serious thoughts. It's really painful when you are suffering from the problem of hair loss. It is a loss more mental than physical. It really gives on nerves by the thought of going on to be bald. Not only that loosing your hair is the only hair problem noted. Other than that there are also a lot of other problems that are faced by us these days. Another such hair problem is the dandruff problem, which has its far-reaching effects. A lot many people are suffering form this problem. It not gives a nasty itching trouble, but also makes your hair look dirty, which is quite irritating as well.

The growing threat of global warming and the increasing pollution gives rise to many such hair problems. Therefore it is essential for us to give proper attention towards our hair and try to keep aloof from these hair problems. Besides that the busy dynamic schedule of our daily routine permits almost no time for us to take proper care for our hair. And along with that is added our reckless styling attempts. If we come across all these things we find that our hair is the only sufferer of all these effects.

To protect our hair from all these damages and to we need to supply proper nutrition to the hair. To maintain a balanced diet is especially important for that. It needs a lot of protein, vitamins A, B, C and E and minerals like iron, copper, calcium, zinc and silica in perfect proportion for a healthy and nutritious diet for the hair. And also our hair needs a lot of water also as about 25% of our hair is composed of water. Keeping the hair hydrated is thus very essential, especially in the summers.

Besides providing our hair internal nutrition we should provide nutrition to our hair from outside also. This helps in proper growth and development of our hair. Shampooing the hair is very essential to keep the hair clean. The dust and dirt particles that gets tangled into the hair not only makes the hair look dirty but also causes damage to the hair a lot. But by doing regular shampoo this problem can be solved. But regular shampoo has its own effects. Shampooing too often, strip away the essential oils, which makes the hair dry and look rough, even damaging the outer layer of the hair. To solve this problem, the hair must be supplied with oil. Coconut oil is much helpful in this respect. It not only maintains the oil balance but also helps in natural hair growth. Conditioning the hair regularly also helps a lot. It is recommended to condition the hair each time you have a shampoo. It maintains the moisture in the hair along with making an outer coating on the hair, which helps in preventing hair damage. Thus with a proper care and regular maintenance you can give your hair that desirable healthy, shiny look.

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