Some political wars leaves no one Untouchable

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I know political arguments can get bad, especially when rival parties start digging through their opponents past to try and find any dirt the can. Just recently on of the republicans top GOP rising star Senator John Ensign R-Nevada, admitted to having an affair with his best friends wife of 20 years and later fired them both after the affair came to light. Almost everyone has second thoughts when it comes down to trusting a politician because most of them can't be trusted. While in the United States it's usually bad judgments like bribery, affairs, or minor cover-ups that seems to take down politicians, but in other countries political races take the lives of many innocent people.

In the southern part of the Philippines a political war has been waging on between two families for decades its not just your simple he said she said propaganda, the fighting between the two families having left many innocent bystanders dead. With the gubernatorial race starting to heat up one candidate in the race Ismael Mangudadatu has not only had his life threaten from polititical rival the Amputuan clan during the course of the current election but he has also lost close family members in the process.

Earlier this week while candidate Mangudadatu family members and supporters were traveling through rival Amputuan Township to file paperwork in the provincial capital for the elections in May 2010 they were high jacked and massacred. In all 46 people were killed in two separate attacks. The first attacks left a total of 24 people dead bodies riddled with bullets; among the victims were Mangudadatu's wife and his two sisters. The second attack not that far away claimed 22 more supporters of Mangudadatu's that were left piled up in hillside grave including a very visual pregnant woman. Out of the 46 victims 20 were journalist just doing their jobs covering the political campaign.

Because of the latest incidents that have taking place in the southern region of the Philippines, president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has placed the region under emergency rule in order to find those guilty of the heinous crimes described as the worst massacre in recent Philippines history. Under emergency rule army forces will conduct random searches and checkpoints in order to try and locate the gunmen responsible for the crimes.

While investigators try and find witnesses to come forward to help find the perpetrators, no one really wants to come forward fearing retaliation from the warlords or militia that are most likely responsible. One witness who would not give his name said, "There were about 12-militia gunman accompanied by local police". So far National police chief Jesus Versosa has placed the police chief responsible for controlling the area and three other officers one being a person considered to be a suspect into a camp until the investigation is over.

One thing is clear whoever is responsible for the attacks planned it out ahead of time given the fact that the graves that some of the bodies were placed in was carefully dug up ahead of time. As the investigators look further into the details of the case, they are starting to discover not only do the Ampatuan family who are considered partners with warlords and deadly militia's control the people in the towns but also many of the police officers around the area.

While the recent killings have shocked the Philippines nation, given the fact that the southern region is one of the poorest areas in the country, violence similar to the recent massacre have taken place before. Since the 1970's over 120,000 people have lost their lives to political wars in the southern region. Until the Philippines government officially steps in and take over the area from certain powerful families that run the region with an iron fist, murders and kidnappings will continue throughout every election leaving more innocent people to die.

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