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With the Mobile Phones this becoming a necessity of life of all the users, it is too conventional that these mobile phones market can never go out of the business. Knowing these several mobile operative companies keeps developing the latest technology of mobile phones with the advanced features each and every time. Even from time to time a new king of the mobile phone is established in the market of mobile phone to struggle with the others and to capture its own share in the market of mobile phone. These mobile markets were raised so high after the introducing of the smart phones which have the hottest features for the best utilized manner of the mobile phones. There you may find the many companies with their best products and these companies fight always to each other to become the king of the mobile industry.

Here I give the approx information about the different companies as how they covered the mobile market. As per statistics about the 80 percent of the entire mobile phone markets are captured by the basic mobile phones and the normal multimedia mobile phones. The rest of 20 percent are occupied by the Smartphones. The most important mobile operator companies who have the highest share in the mobile market industry are the Nokia: about 36% to 37 %, LG: 9% to 10%, Samsung: 21% to 22%, RIM: about 3 % and Sony Ericsson: about 3%. There have many other popular manufacturers just like BlackBerry, Apple Inc., HTC but there overall share of mobile market are too limited.

A multimedia mobile phone has a number of extra features along with the crucial features. It may have the features of mp3 player, camera, Bluetooth, video recorder, access to internet, games and a high storage memory capacity than normal mobile phones. The Smartphone has all the features of a multimedia mobile phone but these are vaguely advanced and have many further applications. The PDA Phones and the WI-FI are too well-organized and trendy which can allow the users to improve their personal and professional style of working much happily. All these devices would certainly meet all our high-end necessities without any problems. They may support the most of the technologies and can also be coordinated with the many systems without any problems or difficulties.

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