Some Disadvantages of the Wireless TV Speakers

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Although the thought of using wireless TV speakers is quite attractive, there are certain disadvantages which you must be aware of. There are some who use the speakers and complain that they were not satisfied with the quality of sound, that there were a lot of interferences and there were a lot of times when the signals were blocked.

One must consider first the type of wireless TV speaker being used. There are two types infrared and radio frequency. Both are very good and produce great sounds, but they too have their own disadvantages.

Infrared wireless TV speakers use infrared signals to transmit and receive signals. These create great sounds for as long as the infrared light is not interrupted. The interruptions can be any solid object that could block the light from being transmitted. If the light is blocked there is no signal.

The radio frequency wireless TV speakers do not use light for transmission, it uses radio waves. This is favored by many for no matter the walls, ceilings, floors or object in the way of the transmitter and receiver, the sound is uninterrupted. However, other radio based devices can cause interference like baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, microwaves, mobile phones, cordless phones, even the WiFi used for the internet. In fact, if the neighbourhood is known to use a lot of radio based devices, even if the home itself is free of them, they can cause interference.

Before buying the wireless TV speakers, it is best to first determine what it is to be used for. If it is for the home where there are a lot of walls, the radio frequency type is the best. If it is in an apartment with little or no walls, then the infrared should do quite nicely.

The budget is not really an issue for there are quite a lot to choose from. The only warning is not to buy the ultra cheap ones like those sold on the street. Some are known to only work for a few days and some work for much longer but produce tin metallic sound.

The increasing demand of wireless television has made it possible for the company owners to come up with concepts like digitenne ontvangers and digitenne kpn. The wireless television provides you enhanced picture quality and delighting TV watching experience.

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