Some care for the hair

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Our hair is the reflection of our health and personality. If we take proper care of it, it can add feathers to your beauty. But if neglected, it will lead to various hair problems, like hair fall, split ends, dandruff, brittle hair and many such. Therefore, to have a healthy shinny, problem free hair we need to follow certain tips.

The first thing to do is to have a well-balanced diet, enriched in iron, calcium, and silica, to prevent hair loss. Iron is very much essential for our hair green leafy vegetables specially sea vegetables are reach in mineral sources. Therefore these vegetables are very essential for our hair. Provide your hair with a lot of vitamins and minerals to keep it healthy and shinny. Eggs, dates, and raisin, are good suppliers of protein to the hair. Proportionate amount of vitamin A, B, C enriched foods should be an essential part of our diet for healthy hair growth. Vitamin A is an important nutrition for our hair, but excessive intake of this vitamin can cause hair loss. Therefore, care should be taken regarding the diet chart, as nothing in excess is good for your hair.

Not only that our hair needs nutrition from inside, but also our hair needs some outer protection. It is very essential to wash our hair regularly so that the dust particle, which gets into our hair, can be washed away. The washing routine of your hair depends on your hair type. Some hair types needs regular shampooing, for some it may be every other day, and still for some hair types shampooing once in a week is enough. Washing the hair regularly is very much necessary. The dust and dirt particles in the polluted environment get into the hair. It not only makes our hair look dirty but also does a lot of damage to our hair. The dirt as it gets into our hair makes it rough and may cause hair breakage. The dust particles make a coating on the hair and make them rough and the outer layer of the hair gets damaged. If not washed regularly the dust particles forms a layer on the scalp, and the scalp cannot breath under it. Which may cause damage to the root of the hair and prevent hair growth. Therefore, regular washing is very much essential for the hair. To shampoo every alternate day is the best way to keep your hair clean.

Not only that a regular shampoo is essential, but also along with that regular conditioning is also very important. Conditioning provides essential nutrition to the hair from outside. This too is necessary for the growth and development of the hair. Along with that we should also pay some attention towards how we comb our hair. Sometimes our hair gets tangled, at that time we must first untangle the hair first then we should comb our hair. Force should never be applied with a comb to untangle the hair. It may result in hair breakage, and weaken the root of the hair. Separating the hair into small sections and then combing it, is the best way for combing.

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