Some Benefits of Buying Cheap PAYG Phones

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The Pay As You Go mobile deals have been here for quite long now. Unlike the SIM-free and Pay Monthly, the PAYG has its own benefits that are a delicate balance between the above two. The PAYG deals give you a mobile phone for life one that is yours all the way but they also provide a contract so that you would not have to shell out a lot of money on your mobile phone expenses. That is what makes the PAYG mobiles hot property they are a blend of SIM-free and Pay Monthly in a unique way.

Cheap PAYG phones, unlike the misleading title, do not mean entry-level phones that are way too basic or feature-less. By cheap PAYG phones, what we mean is that trend of mobile phones often with all the utilities like camera, media, great support for social networking and much more that can be bought for a very affordable and inexpensive price. This is because, the PAYG deals are modeled such that you will have to bear the carrier that came with your phone but the phone remains yours forever.

There are a wide range of phones to be had on PAYG deals. Lots of online retailers and dealers of mobile phones are bringing out these cheap PAYG phones on a regular basis because mobile manufacturers are constantly trying to bring down the cost of mobile phones while providing as many features as possible. The world of PAYG phones has literally exploded in the past few years and thanks to the advancement of technology and the reduction of cost, the phones are very affordable and inexpensive.

Major brands like BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, Apple, Samsung and Sony Ericsson have most of their latest models on PAYG deals on various carriers like Vodafone, O2, Three and much more. The phones come with all the features so you get a complete experience right from the time you buy your PAYG phone. PAYG mobiles, in that sense, are no different from SIM-free, except may be that you cannot change carriers as freely.

Since almost every phone that has been released comes with PAYG counterparts, you can choose these instead of SIM-free and save quite a lot on money. In fact, some phones are twice on SIM-free deals that clearly makes PAYG phones very affordable and cheaper!

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