Solar PV Energy – Dump Polluting Oil Companies & Go Solar!

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Did you know that by installing Solar Panels at your property to generate electricity, you could earn an income of up to 8% pa tax free with the Government backed Feed-in Tariff Scheme?

With decreasing oil reserves, fires at oil storage depots, oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico and other disasters all due to our reliance on oil, it is time to start reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and move to more friendly, reliable and safe energy.

Solar energy offers you a chance to not only reduce your reliance on oil and gas and coal for lighting and heating you home but as any excess is sold back to the UK grid you can also help the whole of the country reduce their reliance on fossil fuels as well. This means you can help the UK go green and save money all while saving your part of the planet.

Solar energy uses panels and not the somewhat unsightly domestic wind turbine. By switching to solar panels and instead of consuming energy feeding that energy back into the grid, you will form one part of a larger whole of many people just like you who want to not only switch to environmentally friendly energy but want to help the whole country do so. You don't have to worry about a cloudy day - that's a myth. You will create and store solar energy and feed it back to the grid, ensuring you and everyone around you is going green and stopping coal and oil polluting our environment.

In summary, you can benefit in four ways from installing Solar PV Panels:

1 You will be paid for each unit of electricity you generate.

2 You can use the electricity you generate yourself, so reducing the amount of electricity you need to buy from your normal supplier

3 You will be paid again for each unit of electricity which you do not use, if you export it to the national grid (via your normal electricity supplier)

4 You will be protected from future electricity price rises, as you will not need to purchase as much electricity from your supplier, as you will be generating it yourself on-site.

That's right - you get PAID money to switch to a green energy technology through selling energy back to the grid as well as reducing household expenses and making sure you protect yourself from peak oil issues.

Installing solar panels is a win-win situation. You win because you save money on your energy bills. You win because you earn money on the energy you sell to the national grid. You help the UK go green and use less fossil fuel. You help ensure there is never another Gulf of Mexico or Exxon Valdez disaster through reducing reliance on those sources of fuel. You help preserve this planet for your children.

On balance, it seems almost selfish not to switch to solar panels and with grants available, now is the perfect time to switch.

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