Solar Powered Fountain – A Welcome Innovation for the Green Generation

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The solar powered fountain is a welcome innovation for the green generation. These fountains bring beauty and relaxing sounds to a yard or garden, but instead of using electricity, they take their energy from the sun. Technical advances match the most sophisticated solar panels with efficient pump technology to produce optimum performance in the solar powered fountain. The panel must be exposed to direct sunlight in most cases for the fountain to operate. Some solar panels store energy, some do not.

Today, most moderately sized fountains are self-contained, meaning the water is constantly recirculated within the fountain. Self-contained fountains can simply be placed where you desire, filled with water, exposed to sunlight, and the fountain is ready to go. For fountains there is almost no set up required other than taking it out of the box and putting the panel in the sun.

Solar panels can be placed remotely or directly on the fountain. When the solar panel is directly on the fountain it is usually placed under the water to allow for the most aesthetic appeal. Remote solar panels are attached to the fountain pump with a cord several feet long allowing for placement of the solar panel away from the fountain. This allows placement of the fountain in a shady area but still allowing the solar panel to be exposed to direct sunlight. The solar panel may be mounted on a rack on the ground, on a post, or even on a tree.

Movement of water takes place constantly while the pump is operating. This movement inhibits the growth of algae and helps keep mosquitoes away. Moving water also attracts wildlife such as birds. Several styles mimic the traditional bird bath.

Some panels have on/off switches that allow you to determine when the fountain will operate, even in direct sunlight. When turned off a battery pack can be charged with solar energy so that the fountain can operate during the night. Water is constantly circulated in most solar powered fountains.

Some benefits are common to all solar powered fountains. These include:

1. Green – environmentally friendly;

2. Use of renewable energy source;

3. Beautifully crafted for lasting use;

4. Weather resistant; and

5. Attractive to wildlife.

Human beings are attracted to fountains as well and enjoy the sounds and beauty provided by any water fountain. With all these benefits it’s hard to see any downside to owning a solar powered fountain.

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