Solar Power House Tips

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Is it possible that there is a link between your wealth and making the changes to your home to run of solar power?

Is wealth the amount of money you have in the bank and how much you own? It would seem not according to Robert Kiosacki. His definition of wealth is that 'it's how long you can survive without having to borrow any money if you couldn't work from now on.' It takes wealth from the domain of money to the domain of time and it's a really useful distinction.

As an example of this method of measuring wealth, you may earn less money than your neighbour, but if he spends all of his $4000 a month salary and you only spend half of your $3000 a month salary after a while you will have saved some money and only need to live of $1500 a month compared to your neighbour, who has no savings and needs $4000 a month to continue with his lifestyle.

If somehow you were able to have an income that was passive and recurrent and it paid for your expenses, then your wealth would be infinite. That is true financial freedom, that's wealth!

We see it as a necessity and of course, electricity is a necessity, but paying for it isn't! Imagine having the ability to constantly create electricity and sustain yourself, your family and your power needs without having to pay for it! In fact, you may even get paid for it!

How does it work:

All you'd have to do is budget for it along with your mortgage and remember to remove the cost of your power bills from the equation.

You can actually build your own power generators for next to nothing and it's EXTREMELY easy. You don't really need to be a very hands on type of person to do it yourself and it's so much cheaper.

Lets be honest with ourselves, money is just about how you feel at the end of the day, if you have enough to get by your feeling ok if you don't you feel rubbish, and if you have enough and a bit left over for the luxuries in life you feel great.

To feel the freedom and relief associated with building your own self generating power supply is amazing, you will feel fantastic knowing you don't have to budget for electricity bills any longer.

An added motivation for most of us is also the environment, though this should actually be the main reason to live self sufficiently, it is an afterthought for most, it is still a huge achievement to exit the line of individuals who contribute to our suffering global climate.

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It's kind of funny how I stumbled across the making of my own, but the results have been fantastic
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