Solar Power Electricity: The Smart Way to Save Electricity

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Solar power electricity is generated through solar panels. Solar panels contain a collection of solar cells in a box, and these solar cells are the basic component whose work is to turn sunlight into electricity. Moreover, to create a significant amount of power a lot of cells are required. Solar cells are very delicate; therefore, the panels are made up of individual cells.

Solar power electricity is very reliable for most items except a few electric appliances which use an electric heat element (for example water heater, electric stove or clothes dryer). Solar power uses in such items are not cost effective. It is recommended that these should be converted in to propane, natural gas or a special solar powered water heater.

Solar power used for producing electricity is completely different from solar power used to produce heat. For the production of air or hot fluids, thermal principles of solar are applied. To produce electricity, Photovoltaic principle is applied. A solar panel, also known as PV panel, is made of natural elements like silicon, and when that natural element is subjected to sun light it becomes charged electrically.

Solar panels are installed by geographic location and latitude and the direction of solar panels at solar north is towards the southern hemisphere and solar south towards the northern hemisphere. This installation is quite different from the magnetic compass of north and south directions. However, the solar array angle is arranged within the range of site latitude minus 15 degrees and site latitude plus 15 degrees, relative to the winter or summer is managed in the system. Moreover, there are many solar arrays which are not related to the seasonal periods and are placed at nearly an angle which is equal to site latitude.
Solar power electricity is used by many people worldwide. But still there are people who don’t know much about solar power electricity. Therefore, it should be the first priority of industrialists and government to spread out awareness about solar power electricity, to save the earth, to save costs and to save our self from using more and more electricity.

The time of the year, weather conditions or the hour of the day is the reason of the changes in the intensity of the Sun’s radiation. The right calculation can only be made by planning a system which contains the total amount of solar radiation energy given out in full sunlight per m2 or during the peak time of the sun hours. The term peak sun hours is the representation of the sun availability throughout the year on every day. Solar power electricity is the smart way to save electricity.

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