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In the time before social media, we were influenced by our friends when we saw them face-to-face, talked to them on the telephone, or received the occasional email. Now, in the age of social media, we are influenced by them 24/7.

The most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth and friend referral. Companies spend billions of dollars each year on over-blown advertising and marketing campaigns when what really works is the undeniable power our peers.

Social media, if used correctly, creates a new marketplace in which companies can capitalize on the buying trends of various demographics to give them better products more suited to their needs. Friends tend to share commonalities—that’s why they’re friends in the first place. They also tend to share buying patterns in the way of clothes, cars, movies, restaurants, music, etc.

It’s not necessarily that we’re all social lemmings leaping at the chance to follow each other off the edge of the cliff with every emerging trend. We just respect the opinions of our friends more than we respect the opinions of a complete stranger.

SoftRock understands these trends and takes them to a new level, yielding tangible results for our clients in the way of profits. We utilize social media marketing analytics coupled with cutting edge Internet software to produce web sites that are stylish, technologically sophisticated, and completely of the now.

Many companies are jumping on the social media and software bandwagon, but very few know how to actually make these powerful but mysterious advancements work for them. SoftRock boasts employees who are veterans of the tech industry who see these trends coming long before they are popular and use them in ways that are smart and lucrative.

Fueled by our boundless imaginations and dedication to innovate technology, SoftRock creates the landscape of our digital future. If you would like to know more, please visit our web site at

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