Social Issues in Movies and real society

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Indian movies have great impact on Indian and Pakistani society. I will evaluate good and bad aspects of these movies and its impacts on crimes. One good aspect of these movies is ultimate victory of heroes and good people. Most villains in movies either die or they realize their mistakes.
Although most of the movies revolves around men and women love yet good movies shows valuable social realities and truth about society. However, Indian and Hollywood movies show considerable violence. Such violence could promote crimes.
Unfortunately, heroes and good people never win in real life. No hero reaches to save good people. Bad people in real life neither get punishment nor do they realize their mistakes and crimes. Things are reverse in real world. Noble educated people cannot fight. Wicked people overcome nobles. Neither their education nor society or police provide them protection.
Ignorant wicked people are stronger nobles like us. I noted that these people misuse their relationship with police and army officers. These people become above law due to misuse of their relations.

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