Socail media adoption in kenya

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The internet growth in Kenya has been so rapid over the past five years than

before. It has revolutionized social media as one of the most active networking and

communications platform in the country. Specialists have conducted research on the

phenomenon. Some have even branded Kenya as the "Silicon Savannah." Kenyans are

part of alive online populations on the planet. The number of users is increasing each

waking day. The common sites are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, and

Whatsapp. For instance, Kenyans are second only to South Africans regarding the amount

of tweets.

The social networks have other functions aside from socializing. Three key players

have adopted social media and are reaping huge benefits. They include:


The state launched Social Media Day in 2010 and celebrates it on 30th June, as the

rest of the world. The agenda was to recognize its impact on both the global and local

communications. The numerous digital platforms have enabled the Kenyan administration

disseminate news to many citizens. With a growing population, a faster way of relaying

messages was inevitable.

Dennis Itumbi, the director of digital media, who works in the Office of the President,

is proud of the major steps that the Republic has taken to adopt fully social media.

However, he notes that most of the state departments are still lagging behind and have not

embraced it. He lists improvement of brand Kenya and interaction with the public as the

two crucial gains from going digital.

Today's regime has realized that Kenyans have multiple sources of information and

it is up to the officials to keep up with the connected lot. It also wants to hear the public

opinions so that it can address their concerns. Therefore, it is using social media to hold

open forums and discuss policies, which involve the people.

The officials are working towards the digital provision of services. The internet

facilitates self-service, which is fast. Recently, drivers dodged the long queues that are

synonymous with driving license renewal by doing it online. It was after the government

introduced the E-citizen for payment services.

It has also employed social networks to mobilize crowds, especially for a charity

cause. For instance, the Kenyans for Kenya, an initiative that raised funds for the drought

victims. In 2013, the same arena became a beacon of hope to the West-gate attack

causalities and Kenyans at large. The state sensitizes the public on matters security every

time there is a need. It also manages disasters by providing the necessary statistics and


It is the hope of many that all the state departments will go digital.


It started as a response to pressure that was slowly building in the companies.

Organizations abroad already had an online presence, so it was only vital for their local

counterparts to follow. Now, building the brand on social media is someone's job

description. Experts have defined the role, which is a paramount component in the

success strategies.

Many have called the era as "the age of the social media director," every venture

out there has a professional who handles the running of the social media pages. Many see

Safaricom as the brand with the firmest presence online in comparison with other bodies. It

believes that for an enterprise to succeed it must follow the clients wherever they go.

Currently, the largest market is the social media users.

Corporates are launching new products, starting competitions, releasing

performance reports, and much more on social media. It all makes sense because if you

were to advertise in the newspaper, it means that you have communicated to the target

once. But you can tweet or update a status on the same many times.

The younger generation also influences the exploitation of the networks. They rarely

read newspapers or watch the news but are always online. Aside from the marketing

opportunities, companies are getting customer feedback via social media. Every brand has

agents that are available 24/7 to answer to the customers' queries. The same group also

collects data for purchaser profile or a general feel about the product's response.

Every time something goes wrong, managers utilize the social platforms to contain

the crisis. The first step in a recruitment process is the advertising of the position/s on the

social media. There are more job alerts online than on any publication. Bosses fire the

staff there and every time a significant employee vacates the office he/she always

announces to his/her followers.

Organizations have invested heavily in social media as a way to unlock the full

potential of the applications. They are also ascertaining that they have the largest

audience online than their rivals. In return, it is leading to a rise in the profit margins.


The greatest benefactor of social media is the individual. One can do unlimited

things by effortlessly logging into the personal account. Firstly, the social buzz has helped

many make new friends and keep the old. You can check on someone despite your heavy

schedule and the distance. The lucky ones have even found love online!

They are engaging more with mainstream media during live television broadcasts.

The news anchors, for example, always air an interaction question and expect their

viewers to express their thoughts. Programs and shows are seeing a crop of tweets and

conversations. In most cases, fans can alter the plot because of the social TV.

The citizens are becoming more concerned about their rights. The social media has

aided in asking the right questions to the President, politicians, services providers, and the

Judiciary system. It has prompted the Q&A sessions that we witness every day. Public

figures want to comprehend the social users.

Online shopping and e-commerce are other sectors that people are venturing in

thanks to social media. The entrepreneurs are reducing the unemployment rate, which has

been the predominant challenge to economic growth. The platforms are rewarding all

innovative Kenyans something experts predict will get better. We are also meeting our

employers, securing deals, and gaining promotions online.

Regardless of the emerging challenges, social media is the way to go.

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