So You want to Lose Flab and Recieve Your Perfect God Given Body Right Now

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Lot's of people by now know that you have to go through some sort of bulking up phase in order to dramatically increase your size. This normally involves changing the amount of meals taken on board to much lower levels for 2-4 months. It follows then that each day the body will be producing a net surplus of calories which can then be of use in building muscle mass.

This is a great way at increasing strenght however some people are not keen on this approach as a certain amount of body weight will be added which they do not want. Brilliant news for those individuals is that there is a new process of increasing your strenght without the gains of excess fat and without having to count every last calorie. So, here is our short how to lose fat and gain muscle guide fast.

Recent studies have shown that the body reacts to increase strenght workout plans in unique ways. although most people assume that eating excess amounts of food leads to an increase in fat tissue soon, this is just not true. Studies have proved that for the initial two weeks of a bulking program the body has not adjusted into a 4 - 6 small meals daily adding mode yet and so for those first two weeks your body is highly anabolic due to raised levels of testosterone and insulin levels triggered by the excess supply of food and workouts.

Your body may start to add fat tissue very quickly after the first two weeks because the body will have had time to adjust to the new diet. Therefore why not do a two week increase strenght followed by a two week cut. The two week cutting period will provide your body with enough time to return back to normal and to shed any excess fat tissue gained.

You ought to lower your calorie intake to around 500 below your regular daily maintenance requirements while you go through the cutting phase. This will push your body to burn fat and if you keep working out with weights and maintain a decent intake level of protein you won't lose any muscle mass only become more ripped! This is great if you want to know how to build abs that are visible as you can keep getting bigger and stronger without adding any belly fat at any one time.

So, if you are concerned about going through a long bulk due to not wanting to gain fat tissue then try this short mini-bulk and cutting cycle to gain lean muscle mass and to get ripped. If you are interested in this method it is based on reports from the following studies:

Whatever method you use in order to pile on muscle mass just be patient, disciplined and stick to it, your efforts will be rewarded with increased muscle mass in due course.

Here is a perfect starter exercise routine that does not need any weights, but we do ask that while on this workout plan you do not increase your eating habits unless for the better. This is a step by step workout plan that will take off those extra few pounds, ten to be exact in ten days as long as you follow it daily. And as always while on this program be sure to get at least six to eight hours of sleep nightly.

Day 1 through Day 10 is doing the same routine daily with no days off.Be sure to take a one minute break after each exercise.But no more than one minute.

1) One minute of running up and down a flight of stairs non stop, one minute break afterwards.

2) Two minutes of jumping jacks.

3) One minute of push ups, stop and go if you must.

4) Press over head using light dumbells or phone books - one in each hand

5) Squats - with rear end and shoulders flat against the wall, both feet shoulders width apart 8 - 12 inches from wall, squat up and down keeping rear end and shoulders flat against the wall.

6) Two minutes of running in place.

7) One minute of situps or crunches.

8) Repeat number one.

9) Repeat number one.

10) Two minutes of Calf raises - standing with feet shoulder width apart go up and down onto your tip toes as high as possible.

For even better results you may want to try starting in a different place everyday, while still completing the entire workout, like try starting at number 3 for two days, and number five for two days, then going back to one after doing number ten.

This routine is really for those that are not used to working out or have taken off from working out for quite some time.

When you do your bulking make sure you include the following all time classic mass building exercises to maximise your lean muscle gain. Pec exercises: barbell bench press. Shoulder exercises: Over head press. Back exercises: bent-over rows. Leg exercises: Dead lifts and squats.

Are you tired of wondering how to gain muscle and get rid of flab fast? Do you want to pack on the muscle and finally have a body you can be proud of starting today? Then click to discover the most effective workout program on the planet. Finally make that commitment and get the body that you deserve.

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