Sms and Bluetooth methods of mobile marketing

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In the present day context there is a mobile or a cell phone in each and every pocket. Therefore it is easy presumable that the best way to communicate with any one is his mobile. In this way you can get any one at any time. Therefore if you need pass any particular information to any person, the best possible way is to call him on his cell phone or to send him an sms. In this way you can be almost sure that your message would reach the intended person in a very little time. An sms is however a better way to deliver a message rather than calling him as you are not able to know in what condition he is in or whether he is able to receive your phone call right at that tome or not. It may also be that you may be disturbing him by calling at that time if the matter you are talking about is not much of interest to him at that time. And because of these reasons the business concerns are preferring sms marketing more than telephonic conversations.

Moreover the sms marketing has many other features that are quite helpful for both the company and the customer. The store and forward technique that is used in sms is a very useful thing. In this method the message you send is stores in the SMSC and then it is send to the recipient. And if the recipient is not within the range or the cell phone is switched off the message can wait for days till the customer turns on his mobile or comes within the range. In this way there is lesser chance for the message getting lost in the mid way. Even it is better than email marketing as in case of email marketing your message can be moved to the customer's junk mail folder automatically by the mail client or it may even be considered as a spam. Therefore it is better to use sms marketing technique rather than the telephonic conversation and email marketing.

Other than the sms marketing there are also other types of mobile marketing also. Another important tool for mobile marketing is the Bluetooth marketing. This is also a very important and popular way of mobile marketing in the modern day marketing strategy. If you are a mobile user, you may have noticed that when you are in some shopping point and you are asked to turn on the Bluetooth device in your mobile and when you do that you find that the local transmitter sends a message to your mobile asking you if you would like to exchange data with ABC company. Now you have the option to accept or deny. If you accept that you are farther requested to download some information that the company is willing to send you. There too you have the option of accepting or declining. And if accept that the information would start downloading. This is what we call Bluetooth marketing. With the help of this very technology it becomes very easy for the company to provide promotional offers and other information direct to the customer's mobile.

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