SMS Advertising Benefits

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(1) There was never before such a powerful way of reaching customers on personal basis. Messages are directly delivered to the mobile phones of the customers so that they should know about the products as well as service offered by the company. 70% of the total population carries a cell phone and there are near about in the United States when compared to television and computers.
(2) SMS advertising helps in conveying messages instantaneously. An advertiser does no have to wait for the advertisements produced as well as placed. And even the text messaging is sent in the fractions of seconds to the prospective buyers.
(3) The advertiser has to pay for messages that reach the customers. SMS advertising is completely permission-based. That is, the customers that are willing to hear what you want to convey and are likely to buy what is offered by you will give allow you to talk to them. Additionally, an advertiser has to pay for the messages sent to the particular parties.
(4) Text message sent for advertising purpose is generally short and specific. In such a fast moving & competitive world, the prospect expects a meaningful message. Therefore, it is advised that the text message should not be more than 160 characters in order to convey a message effectively and quickly.

(5) SMS texting is inexpensive and highly effective. Many of the text message advertising agencies ask for a minimal amount for setting a campaign and administration.
(6) It is highly interactive and allows the potential buyer to respond to the message as and when he receives the message. Such an interactive nature make it the most engaging mediums that is available
(7) Text Message Advertising has a powerful database.
(8) SMS advertising gives a cutting edge to other advertising means.

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