Smoked Salmon With Cannellini Beans

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Preparation time: 20 minutes
Total cooking time: 15 minutes
Serves 4


olive oil, for cooking
6 slices white bread, cubed
3 cloves garlic, crushed
6 spring onions, sliced
300 g (10 oz.) smoked salmon, cut into thin strips
300 g (10 oz.) can cannellini beans, rinsed
4 Roma tomatoes, chopped
175 g (6 oz.) iceberg lettuce, shredded
2 tablespoons chopped dill
2 tablespoons lemon juice


1. Heat the wok until it becomes hot, add 1/3 cup (80ml/23/4 fl oz.) oil and swirl it well around to coat the side. Stir-fry the bread over kind of high heat until it becomes crisp and golden. Remove it from the wok and drain the croutons on paper towels.

2. Then reheat the wok, add 1 tablespoon of some oil and stir-fry the garlic and half of the spring onion for about 2 minutes. Remove it from the wok.

3. Reheat the wok and stir-fry the salmon until it becomes slightly crisp. Add the cannellini beans and the tomato and cook them for about 2-3 minutes, or until is well heated through. Then remove the wok from the heat and quickly stir in the lettuce, the spring onion and garlic mixture.

4. Whisk the lemon juice with 2 tablespoons of olive oil to make a dressing and pour a bit over the salad. Then add the croutons and toss them well. Garnish it with the remaining spring onion.

Nutrition Value:

Protein 25 g;
Fat 25 g;
Carbohydrate 25 g;
Dietary Fibre 5 g;
Cholesterol 35mg;
Energy 1700kJ (405cal)

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