Smartphones - A New Arena of Software Application Development

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Mobile phones gave people increased mobility and better network coverage without wires.
But people demanded for more on their mobile phones which had already become an indispensable accessory.The cell phone handset manufacturers came out with high-end mobile phones that combined the capacity of a computer and functioned like a complete entertainment machine.
These Smartphone devices provide more utility and entertainment than traditional mobile phones. Moreover, users have plenty of devices from which to choose, whether it is a multimedia powerhouse, a messaging machine, or a social networking tool. It is therefore expected that the demand for converged mobile devices will continue to grow faster than the overall mobile phone market.
As reported by Gartner, the Smartphone sales will account for 46% of all mobile phone sales worldwide by 2013. The worldwide market for touchscreen mobile devices will surpass 362.7 million units in 2010, a 96.8 percent increase from 2009 sales of 184.3 million units, according to Gartner, Inc. By 2013, touchscreen mobile devices will account for 58 percent of all mobile device sales worldwide and more than 80 percent in developed markets such as North America and Western Europe.

It is important to also note that:
* The key driver of mobile growth is good devices and fast, affordable data. If people have it, they will use it...a lot.
* Smartphones are poised for serious growth in sales over the next few years. If you don't have already had a mobile strategy, it is time to start thinking about one.
* It isn't just about apps. There are wide arrays of mobile marketing activities that can work well for your brand.
* The key to unlocking Mobile is to take advantage of its unique anytime/anywhere enablement of information exchange. Smartphones are really smart and they are being increasingly used for business, shopping and leisure activities.
* Most smartphones combine the features of PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and regular mobile phones. They van be used to read and edit and create digital documents, spreadsheets and presentations. They can be configured to send and receive e-mails and that too for a number of e-mail addresses at a time. You can organize all your business and personal e-mails in a smartphone.

* Most smartphones are enabled with GPS (Global Positioning System) that help in navigation. They use preinstalled or real-time maps and satellite imaging to help a person reach any destination anywhere without asking his way around.
* They have constant, uninterrupted access to the internet through mobile data services like the GPRS (general packet radio services) and 3G. You can download data from the internet, connect to the office intranet as well as any computer to send, receive or synchronize data.
Software development companies are competing with each other to develop newer applications and widgets on these software platforms. YouTube for mobile, streaming news broadcast, barcode readers, games are just some of the examples of applications developed for smartphones.
Thus the possibilities of innovation in the field of smartphone software development are endless and in order to be ahead of the competition it is important that organizations engage with partners which can support them with the changing landscape of Smartphone.

Endeavour is a specialist Mobility company since 2002. Endeavour has been providing strategic consulting and mobile application development services for Mobile enabling businesses in the Manufacturing, Media, Print, Healthcare, Consumer solutions, Telecom and Business Intelligence verticals. Endeavour develops mobile application development solutions on all mobile platforms in the market today, including, RIM, Apple, Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm Pre, micro Linux, Brew. Endeavour is based out of Austin, Texas, Bangalore India and London, UK.

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