Smartphone and its Features

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A phone that offers more advanced features, such as emailing, internet browsing, visual means of communication and high storage facility is commonly referred to as a Touch Phone. Common phones, which offer limited functions like text messaging, limited storage facility, and making and receiving calls is not to be confused with a Touch Phone. In simpler terms, we can say that any phone that possesses far superior functions than a normal cell phone can be called a smartphone. However, a user demands some basic functions in a smartphone, such as superior contact management, high storage capabilities, emailing, and internet browsing. Of these mentioned functions, the highest demand by users appears to be emailing and internet browsing. Emailing and internet browsing give the user the experience they have when using a computer at home or in the office, even when the user doesn’t have a computer or laptop.

Some of the main features Touch Phones offers are big screen size with high resolution, high processing speed, an advanced operating system, large storage space and expandable memory, various applications, and connectivity to name just a few. Smartphones provide advanced performance in its various functions and is easier with the assistance of its bigger than normal and high resolution screen.

It has been noticed that the phone’s screen is the main attraction to users. Running advanced applications on a smaller screen is of no use to the user. A smartphone needs a solid and rapid processor to run all advanced applications such as emailing, internet browsing and instant messaging. The Advanced Operating System is another selling feature of a smartphone as it gives the user a computer like feel. High-end processors are necessary to support the Operating System, otherwise it will influence the device.

Touch Phones have enormous memory space compared to regular phones. Large storage room is very important and is required for the use of various applications. All is in vain without adequate storage space. Applications are the most important feature of a smartphone. Smartphones support applications like emailing, instant messaging, internet browsing, contact management, weather updates, and provide news updates just to name a of. These applications cannot become feasible when using a regular phone as it will only allow the user to use instant messaging along with making and receiving calls. Qwerty keyboards is another feature which gives the user a more computer like feel and makes replying to emails and text messages much easier than before. BlackBerry phones are now on the market. BlackBerry Videos are said to be the best in the world and are fully capable of being uploaded onto the widely popular networking site, Facebook.

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