Smart Phones features: Can we have better than these?

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Smart phones are something that has relieved our troubles to a considerable extent. They help us in communicating as well as manipulating data and playing with applications. Touch screen smart phones and Smart phone PDA are what we are indicating at. They can also have a high efficiency camera for multiple functioning.

The first of its kind smart phone was developed by IBM in the year 1992. It was displayed as a new concept and idea at the COMDEX that year. The first one was open for sale in 1993 by BellSouth. It had address book, calendar, calculator, world clock, and e-mail, note pad, games and send & receive options. The phone had no buttons to dial as it was fully automated with touch screen features. A virtual keyboard could be had on the screen. This also had touch screen smart phone accessories such as a phone number recorder, applications manager and date-wise planner. Nokia stepped in the market with its Nokia 9000in 1996. It was more like a palmtop computer with driving features with the courtesy with the Hewlett Packard. It was also escorted by the excellent and best selling expertise by Nokia. Nokia 9210 was the next in the release with vibrant color display enabled with an open OS for the user to customize it accordingly.

• Net Surfing: The best smart phone accessories today, include a net surfing feature that makes it easy for the users to check their mails, chat and be in touch with their clients, always. This facility has been effective due to the 3G networks that provide high speed internet access as well as downloading the features and applications. Wi-Fi internet access and GPS are also enabled at places that have a centralized internet access through the satellite.

• The extended keyboard: Many of us, who have been using computers for long, have become accustomed to the QWERTY format of buttons. This type of keyboard feature is not available in normal handsets, but smart phones have developed this function. The sliding upper panel or an extended lower panel will help the user access this type of keyboard, thus making it easy for the user to type the text.

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