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HTC Hero, a smart offering from HTC is well equipped to customize your phone according to your preferences. With user friendly applications such as HTC Sense and HTC Footprints function in a manner to make the Hero, the most precious gadget owned by its owner. Staying separated from the Hero phone makes your life simply void.

HTC Hero has been widely acclaimed as a smart phone. The Hero is equipped with a great application aptly called the HTC Sense which makes Hero phone owners very much used to it on all possible counts. With the HTC Sense application, Hero phone owners are very much likely to say ‘Make it mine, Stay close and discover the unexpected'

HTC Hero allows you to customize you phone as per your day's work activities, moods and schedules. The Hero's main screen offers a wide range of widgets for you to select from instantly as per your requirements. You could even customize the widgets - design and size as per your taste and mood. Over the weekdays you could show a working profile while over the weekend let your phone take a break and display a relaxing beach scene whilst playing some of your favorite tunes as well. Take advantage of HTC Footprints and avail of easily available information on local time, weather and map in case you venture elsewhere. You can even capture some exciting memories through the phone's camera and geo tag them as well. HTC Hero is well equipped for sorting out your memories as well.

HTC Hero efficiently manages your communication data for you. Be it phone calls, emails, Facebook updates, tweets and lots more can be accessed much more easily. Just type in the first few letters of the person you wish to contact and access to all possible communication received from him or her - phone calls, mails, text messages, tweets and photos all through a single point of access. At the same you could even enjoy sharing a great deal of photos uploaded as well. Stay in touch and stay close with your dear and near ones - all the time and anytime.

HTC Hero incorporates the very latest Android operating system which can perform numerous and unimaginable applications with smooth and ease. With a 3.2-inch TFT-LCD touch-sensitive screen with 320x480 HVGA resolutions, user interface becomes an enjoyable experience. Using the latest mobile telephony and cellular networks, the HTC Hero comes compatible with HSPA/WCDMA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE which truly makes it a universal phone.

HTC Hero is definitely making great waves amongst mobile phone geeks who wish to own the latest phones and gadgets as soon as they enter the market scene. HTC has incorporated the HTC Sense application, HTC Footprints and provided for a single point of contact for a particular contact detail all with a single touch on the screen making things extremely handy and convenient for the Hero users.

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